There's a servicey piece in the Journal today on how to keep your tyrant of a boss from finding out that you are actively looking for a better job than your current appalling position working in sweatshop conditions churning out material throughout the day for bored office workers. Apart from the obvious suggestions (don't show up in a suit on a day you're going for a "doctor's appointment," don't conduct your job search from work, try to avoid using subtle clues to let potential employers know that you really want to get the hell out of Gawker and you're ready to bring your particular brand of cock-based humor to their organization), the article also reminds you to make sure that you keep your resume "private" on job boards or your social networking site: Putting up something like "Alex Balk is ready to move on to a more challenging endeavor" might cause your employer to realize that you're hunting for another gig, minimum salary requirement 70K, plus benefits. Also, if you know anyone who's hiring writers who are willing to show up to work no matter how hungover, please drop me a line. It's, uh for a friend. [WSJ]