Every darn week, the wedding announcements in the 'New York Times' asks you to celebrate all that is good and right in the world. Let our Intern Alexis remind you that love is like a grenade of happiness, tossing limbs of joy everywhere in a hot red spray of love-blood!

It's an exciting time to be us. This week's Weddings/Celebrations section was just chock full of grade A couples. We had a punk rock Roosevelt whose first date with her hubbie-to-be was at a Rancid show, a former blogger who married an "infused maple syrup" heiress, a Hindu/Muslim wedding and Susan Green and Adam Greene, who, unbelievably enough, were married by a rabbi named David E. Greenberg. But that wasn't the cream of the crop.

Yes, it was Donnie Andrews—who inspired the character Omar Little on "The Wire"—and Fran Boyd who, despite murdering someone and turning tricks for drugs respectively, came out on top of our patented ranking system.

Donnie Andrews, Fran Boyd:

In 1987, Mr. Andrews was sentenced to life in prison for murdering a man on the troubled streets of West Baltimore: -2
At the time, Ms. Boyd, a former junkie, said she got high on heroin and exchanged sex for other drugs: -2
In April 2005, Mr. Andrews's was released after 17 and a half years of time served: +10
In the ensuing years, Ms. Boyd, guided by the steady influence of Mr. Andrews, began standing firmly on her own feet. She became a guardian for two nieces and a nephew, while providing for her own two sons. She began doing outreach work for drug addicts at New Hope Treatment Center in West Baltimore, a methadone clinic associated with Bon Secours Hospital: +10
Andrew is the basis for a character Omar Little, on "The Wire," which is every white person in the media's favorite T.V. show: +15
Among those at the wedding were Mr. Simon, the executive producer, writer and creator of "The Wire," and the cast members Dominic West, who plays Detective James McNulty; Sonja Sohn, who plays Detective Shakima Greggs; and Andre Royo, who plays Bubbles: +5

Total: 36