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More than any celebutard hotspot, it's the Polaroid Beach House in Malibu that's become the default destination for Hollywood scenewhores and B-listers (and even a dash of A-!) looking to spend some leisure time comingling among their own kind. Until now, our views of Lindsay Lohan Relapse Ground Zero have only been from afar—but no longer: has posted this informative video, in which Jonathan Silverman of...uh...The Single Guy?...and his lovely wife Mrs. Jonathan Silverman offer us a tour of the comfy, corporate-branded property.

(They never quite explain what they're doing there, but seem extremely settled, so we'll just assume the company offered a down-on-his-luck Jonathan permanent lodging in exchange for a pledge to somehow incorporate the phrase "Shake it like a Polaroid picture!" at some point in his next guest-starring gig.) Viewers will want to take special note of the kitchen, which has been "completely redesigned and is quite stunning"—those old Polaroid Beach House countertops were so '80s, and not in the good way—and particularly the fridge contents, where you can never store enough Playboy Energy Drink for famous, thirsty guests who might stop by after a hard day of waiting for an agent's call.