Sometime rapper Foxy Brown, who was famous in the 90s for rapping a verse on the Toni Braxton song "You're Making Me High," has struck again, this time near her Prospect Heights childhood home. She allegedly Blackberry-whapped a drugstore employee named Arlene Raymond, with whom she has, according to law-enforcement sources, "a longstanding dispute over the volume of the stereo in Foxy's car." She split no hairs: "Foxy is an idiot. She's rude. I want her to get locked up," Raymond told the Post. And then she said something even more genius.

I've seen her on TV, but she's nobody special. She's no different than anyone else.

It's something we feel is applicable to pretty much everyone we have ever written about. Arlene Raymond is an American hero and we hope her abraded eye heals quickly.

Crazy Foxy In A New Hit Rap [NYP]