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Ranking at the very top of a list we keep of Celebrity Pairs We Hope To Never See Making Out—and beating out such unholy couplings as Peter O'Toole/Nicole Richie and Elizabeth Taylor/Haley Joel Osment—has long been Sir Ben Kingsley and either of the Olsen Twins, the subjects of one our most troubling recurring dreams. (We will spare you the details, no matter how fiercely you beg us to share them. Just know that a messy chocolate souffle is involved. We've said too much!) But thanks to the upcoming indie film The Wackness, we'll soon have the opportunity to see the much-unclamored-for Kingsley/Mary-Kate osculation outside of our fragile, obviously very damaged subconscious. Worse still is the way in which Sir Ben describes his co-star to Access Hollywood:

"Mary-Kate has huge energy. She is very, very committed to her work," Kingsley told Access during a visit to the set.

We genuinely hope that Access took that quote out of context just for shock value, because we really can't bear to visualize Olsen, eager to prove that aforementioned commitment to her venerated scene partner, grabbing Kingsley's head and gnawing on his tongue like it's the first meal she's had in a week. But we're sure that whatever winds up on screen won't be nearly as bad as we've built it up to be.