Have you heard of this self-published book Girl, Get Your Mind Right? It sounds awesome and we are very excited to read it. From the Amazon description: "Girl, Get Your Mind Right! is a book that will have you thinking about your whole life in a nutshell. It discusses the trials and tribulations that women go through while finding themselves like cheating, self esteem issues, dealing with broke men, etc. Girl, Get Your Mind Right! will help motivate you and help you understand what it takes to be a strong woman. Author, Tionna Smalls, speaks directly to the reader in a honest way and tackle the issues that most writers are afraid to address. Girl, Get Your Mind Right! will definitely be the book you read and pass along to a friend in need of a little motivation while getting their mind right." Also according to Amazon, author Tiona Smalls is "a writer, community advocate, socialite, and entrepreneur from Brooklyn, New York" who "hopes to complete her B.A. degree in Sociology at Stony Brook University." So how did we find out about this book in the first place, you're probably wondering?

Well, Tionna let us know about it in what seems to be her signature style.

I think you should review an indie book called "Girl, Get Your Mind Right!" its on the amazon hot new release list and its selling quite nicely. A young woman from Brooklyn, NY named Tionna Smalls, wrote the book and she too has her own entertainment website/blog site called Talk Dat Ish. Please do something on this young woman. Make sure you cop the book, "Girl, Get Your Mind Right!"

Other than the fact that Tionna wrote to us in the third person and didn't include the link to her blog (it's here), this is a perfect pitch. Publicists, take heed.