Oh, but wait... does this casting notice for the next season of Flavor of Love mean things somehow didn't work out between Flav and Deelishis?

YEAH BOYEEEEEE!!! FLAVOR FLAV is back y'all. Flav is hoping the third time's a charm when it comes to finding love on season 3 of "FLAVOR of LOVE" Millions of people watched the first two seasons of "FLAVOR of LOVE" on VH1. Now it is your turn to show the #1 hype man in the business how much love you have for him. DO YOU FEEL LIKE YOU'RE A BETTER MATCH FOR FLAV THAN THE GIRLS ON THE FIRST TWO SEASONS? ARE YOU A FAN OF FLAVOR FLAV? ARE YOU A HOT LADY LOOKING FOR LOVE? ARE YOU READY TO FIND FAME AND LOVE AT THE SAME TIME? IF SO, THEN YOU'RE THE PERFECT WOMAN FOR FLAVOR FLAV!!!!!

Awesome. Watch out, bitches, 'cause here comes 'M Aleee! Now Casting: Season 3 of Flavor Of Love [Craigslist]