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We bitch and moan about the stresses of this job a lot—mediocre pay (not Observer-bad, but still!), little sleep, getting slapped around by a hot and crabby gay—but perhaps the most frightening aspect of working at Gawker occurs in those random moments when Star Editor-at-Large Julia Allison pops up on the IM to drop some knowledge. So, fine, we're spreading the agony around.

Today's installment:

Julia Allison: Hey Balk's Cock! Did you know Pete Wentz used to BABYSIT me!?!?
BALK BTW: That explains so much.
Julia Allison: HA!
Julia Allison: Also, I've discovered that the stereotype is true: hipsters smell.
Julia Allison: and that's my wisdom for the day.
Julia Allison: xo!
Julia Allison signed off at 1:13:54 PM.
Julia Allison is offline and will receive your IMs when signing back in.

XO, Jules!

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