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It was Michelle Pfeiffer's turn today to be immortalized on the legendary Hollywood Walk of Fame, ensuring that generations can pilgrimage to the urine-glazed sidewalk altar and pay homage to the enduring star who once bravely faced Coolio down in a school room music video showdown. But as the actress was besieged by fans eager to have their Pfeiffer memorabilia autographed, one item amidst the flurry of Scarface posters and Grease 2 soundtracks left her with a temporary case of career amnesia. From The WOW Report:

A fan waved a Simpsons DVD at Michelle Pfeiffer today after her Hollywood Walk of Fame star ceremony. "The Simpsons?" said Pfeiffer.

"Why would I sign that?" "You were in it," said the fan. "Season Five." "I was?"

In fact, Pfeiffer did manage to squeeze in a guest-starring back in 1993, playing a beautiful Springfield nuclear power plant employee who poses a threat to the Simpsons' marriage in an episode entitled "The Last Temptation of Homer." With a career as prolific as Pfeiffer's, however, we can understand how easy it might be to overlook a nearly decade-and-a-half old stint in a Fox lot voiceover booth. We'd thus discourage pranksters and Simpsons purists from giving the actress a hard time for this one oversight, perhaps by excitedly approaching the actress with a DVD copy of the first and only season of Father of the Pride, and insisting up and down that she indeed made a cameo appearance in NBC's failed CGI Siegfried & Roy sitcom.