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FROM THE DESK OF MEGAN MCCARTHY — Patricia at StyleDiary posted what I can only pray is a mocking gallery of guys from last week's TechCrunch party. On full display, that most heinous Valley fashion staple — party guests in blue shirts. For the love of Jobs, can this trend die? I understand, the blue shirt is the easy choice for tech meet and greets — that's the point. You think it's safe, so you wear it again. And again. And again. You're trying to just seem like a regular tech guy, I know — but all it does is mark you out as yet another crowd-following Silicon Valley tool. Admit it: You put this shirt away in 2001, after the market crashed, and just dusted it off for this go-round, didn't you?

There's hope for you yet. The spectrum goes from red to violet, people. Follow the rainbow! Just think, wearing a different hue will separate you from any party's hoi polloi and give women who want to meet you a better description than "blue shirt and glasses" when they post their missed connection note on Craigslist.

So, how do you break the blue-shirt mold? Start with preppy staples Banana Republic and J. Crew. Sage? Chocolate brown? Maybe even a pale lavender? If you wear it with confidence, you can make just about any color work. And once you stand out enough to get remembered even by ADD-riddled venture capitalists, and land a round of funding, maybe you can upgrade to Thomas Pink.

(Photo credit: Kynance)