Every week, Intern Alexis studies the Times' Weddings and Celebrations section so she can tell us who's winning the game of life. Usually, it's the rich white people who come from money! Imagine.

There was a bumper crop of journalistic nups in this week's Weddings section, from Style.com's Nicole Phelps to Radar's Peter Hyman (wonder if Margo was invited?). But our winners, as usual, were horsey-faced kids with multiple degrees from different Ivies whose ancestors occupied the Oval Office or somewhere thereabouts.

Andrea Humphrey, Jonathan Schmidt: 27 points

  • Andrea is a doctoral student in international health and development at Tulane: +1
  • She is also a management consultant in Philadelphia: +2
  • Does stuff in two different states: +1
  • She graduated cum laude from Georgetown: +1
  • She received an MA in public health from Yale: +3
  • She is a granddaughter of Hubert H. Humphrey Jr., the vice president of the United States from 1965 to 1969, and a senator from Minnesota from 1949 to 1964 and 1971 to 1978: +5
  • Jonathan is a corporate lawyer: +2
  • He graduated magna cum laude from Yale: +4
  • He has a MA in public affairs from Princeton: +3
  • He has a law degree from Yale: +3
  • He was a Fulbright scholar in Lima: +2
  • Wendy Roosevelt, Christopher Fahy: 14 points
  • The couple met on the board of the GIFT Foundation, a nonprofit organization that helps finance small charities. Wendy is the president of the foundation and Christopher is a member of the board. For meeting 'on a board': +3
  • Wendy is over 35: -1
  • She teaches first grade at the Spence School; Christopher is a foreign currency trader: +3
  • Wendy is the great-granddaughter of Franklin D. Roosevelt and Eleanor Roosevelt: +5
  • She is a member of the board of the Eleanor Roosevelt Center: +1
  • She has a MA in education from Bank Street: +1
  • Her father retired as a partner in Roosevelt Benowich & Lewis, a law firm in White Plains (bearing his last name): +2