The last time we caught sight of the weirdly unaging zillionaire developer Janna Bullock, she was wearing a skin-tight leopard skin miniskirt in the pages of Haute Living. For her profile in today's Home and Garden, the Russian mother of two chose something slightly more demure, a "fluttery Valentino suit," "tiny, kitten-heeled shoes," and "an enormous bag of brown leather encrusted with huge pink and amber plastic 'crystals.'" Veteran reporter Penelope Green gives clear instructions here to any J-school youngsters who think their profile subjects are crazy bitchy gauche scary scrappy dangerous test tube babies born of freewheeling Russian ethics and a tigress' business acumen but are too polite or value their lives and limbs too much to say so. We'd say more but we're scared of Janna Bullock too.

Buy High, Sell Higher [NYT]