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When not perfecting his pursuit of the anaconda-piledriving and scrotum-stapling arts, The Ringer star Johnny Knoxville enjoys mounting elaborate pranks: Who could forget, for example, the WeHo billboard featuring the image of Jackass Number Two director luring vacationers to a fictional gay cruise line. ("Sailors board me now!" the fake signage beckoned.) In keeping with that proud tradition, when Knoxville learned his best binge-drinking buddy Luke Wilson would be visiting Malibu's corporate celebrity-clusterfuck cabana, the Polaroid Beach House, he made special arrangements for his arrival. From Page Six:

LUKE Wilson had to change his cellphone number this weekend, thanks to an annoying prank by his pal Johnny Knoxville.

The "Jackass" star found out Wilson was going to hang out at the Polaroid Beach House in Malibu for the Boost Mobile party Saturday and hired a plane to hover above the place with a banner that read: "Luke Wilson's phone number 3105000082." Apparently, it was his real number. It's now out of service. But Wilson decided not to hang at the beach, probably because he had to deal with all the annoying calls.

Luckily for Wilson, the nightmare period in which he was deluged with calls from random beachgoers wondering if he'd be willing to "take a look at my script—it's sort of Idiocracy meets Vacancy," was over once his mobile provider arranged for a new number. There's no guaranteeing Wilson's original number won't eventually be recycled, however, resulting in a celebrity telecommunications fiasco similar to the UCLA student who was assigned Paris Hilton's number—only, we hope, without the strange, Greek-accented men calling at ungodly hours to ask, "Baby girl, how are you?"