Inconvenient Truth-teller Laurie David busted up her marriage to intermittently hilarious Jew Larry David to be with a married Republican contractor named Bart Thorpe, the NY Post reported Sunday, confirming weeks of rumors and including damning details like "giggling and laughing, Laurie David slipped her feet into Thorpe's shoes after climbing out of his boat." S(c)andalous! But according to a commenter on green gossip blog Ecorazzi (yes really), there's a bit more to the story.

When the Davids' divorce was made public on June 27th, commenter and "Camp David" neighbor Jackie Mendez-Diez (who also recently opened up about her views on Laurie's carbon footprint to the Boston Globe) had this to say:

Actually, Laurie David has been creating one HUGE carbon footprint here on Martha's Vineyard for the last 6 years. Her disgusting and ostentatious trophy building has been virtually ceaseless for about 6 years now. The trucks and pollution stop only when Mrs. Carbon Sasquatch is here for her summer vacation, making herself the center of everyone's attention.

And I'd say the fact that I saw Laurie and her hottie but dumb building contractor, Bart Thorpe, holding hands while walking on a secluded dock to a boat yesterday, has a lot more to do with her marriage breaking up than the scratchy toilet paper she's forced on her family. I've also seen Bart bicycling in front of my house with a little girl he kept calling, Romy [Laurie's daughter is named Romy]. Bart, coincidentally, left his wife recently, too.

I met Laurie David 6 years ago. I didn't like her then. I don't like her now. She is the prime example of a spoiled, selfish, rich girl who says, "do what I say, not what I do". She is a narcissist and a hypocrite to the nth degree.

Man. Other than the fact that she thinks posting nasty blog comments about her neighbors is an appropriate venue for dispute-settlement, we're kind of liking this Jackie Mendez-Diez! "Scratchy toilet paper." Heh. Seriously, life is too short for that stuff.