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With the announcement that gay-slur-spouting primetime orphan Isaiah Washington was placed into Bionic Woman foster care by NBC rock-star/case-worker Ben Silverman, the actor's mood went from a volatile Mad As Hell And Not Going To Take It Anymore to Quietly Vindicated, But Still Wanting to Break My Silence a Few More Times. After a recent Larry King Live appearance in which Washington reassured America of his enduring admiration of Gays, the actor went on to explain to Access Hollywood how the real villain—aside, of course, from mastermind T.R. Knight, pulling his pink puppet strings from on-high—was Patrick "McEvil" Dempsey:

"Patrick is... Patrick is Patrick Dempsey. And he protects himself well," Isaiah said. "He did what he felt he needed to do and remained silent." [...]

"And maybe that's the kind of good ol' boy mentality. Maybe it's like 'Well, he'll be alright.' I don't know. I can't speak for Patrick," Isaiah said. "Good luck on getting anything out of Patrick or anyone in terms of how he feels about it. He chose to make the decision he's made, but as it seems, it worked out in my favor at the end of the day."

Beyond the distinct sounds of popped champagne corks and muted cheers that first greeted the news, we doubt we'll be hearing much more on l'affair d'Isaiah from the Grey's Anatomy set, from Dempsey, Knight, or any of the other cast members who the actor maintains worked in concert to oust him from the series. Still, as he smugly reminded longtime ally Billy Bush, nowhere does Karma mete out its irony-tinged justice more than in Hollywood, where the wrongly persecuted ultimately triumph with publicity-generating, five-episode guest star stints on unproven new shows, while their tormentors are left to pick up the shattered pieces, sifted from the wreckage of multiple Emmy nominations and hefty salary increases.