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· Bill and Hillary were the Seth Rogen and Bryce Dallas Howard of their day! (Alternate suggestion: Chewbacca/Carrie Fisher.)
· James Woods thinks the problem isn't Isaiah Washington's big mouth, it's Grey's Anatomy's miserable set. Gay slurs fly fast and free among Shark's big happy family, and no one gives it a second thought.
· We're confident that the actual Jon Lovitz/Andy Dick Smackdown was a lot more exciting than John Henson's action figure reenactment on TV Guide channel. (Side note: The girl playing Andy Dick has the voice-register right, but needs to work more on the slurring and asking-strangers-for-blow part.)
· Canadians: Our extremely easy-to-please neighbors to the north.
· And finally, it's Geometry Fun Time! Brought to you by Subway cheese slices.