Remember when people used to talk about the dangers of population growth? We don't either! But nature-lover Verlyn Klinkenborg's Times op-ed today is about the projected population growth of California—60 million people by 2050! (New York City is expected to have nearly 10 million by 2025, most of them to be total idiots and Oberlin graduates. California will get between 7 and 11 million more by then itself.) Somehow, Klinkenborg gets through the op-ed without using the word "Mexico," which is a neat trick! But more importantly, California already sucks the will to live out of the country—as it grows into a nation-state, with the all-powerful cyborg Governor-For-Life, it will surely decide to take a clue from history and seize more territory. (OMG, not Tempe and Reno!) Should we not bomb the holy hell out of it now while we still have a chance? Otherwise he'll have a chance to personally make sure that everyone in America's prisons gets H.I.V.

Trying Times Ahead: The Prospect of 60 Million Californians [NYT]