Last week, we dissected a litany of reasons why working at Bauer kind of sucks, although since then we've heard from various employees who wanted to clarify that it's actually just the corporate suits at Bauer that suck, and that most of the rank and file are actually pretty cool and fun to work with. Okay, done! (Though that's usually how it is, we would think.) Then someone emailed us about a Bauer magazine we didn't even know existed, and we learned that sometimes people exist to just make your job difficult. It's true!

At Soaps in Depth a few years ago (don't judge — it was my first job), there was NO INTERNET ACCESS. Everyone else at the company had it. The editor said Internet made people unproductive. So there were two people there with Internet: The news editor and the "research" editor, who was the ed-in-chief's BFF from childhood. If I wanted background information on what of the glamorous soap stars that I was interviewing, I had to put in a "research request" for an imdb actor listing or something equally crucial (though, who knew, since surfing the Internet wasn't an option) TWO DAYS BEFORE. Yes, two days to complete an imdb search and print it out.

We assume the situation's improved over there, but... wow.