We'd always heard the rumors about how the Times was a hotbed of sex and intrigue (No, really! You may find it hard to believe, but even Gay Talese thought so—he had all those bits in The Kingdom and the Power about young reporters squiring away the hot secretaries and stuff), with, like, people leaving their spouses for the sexy stringer in their foreign bureau. But who, exactly, are the current couples of the Times? We decided to start making a list. (Your additions are, of course, welcome.)

Leading off, we've got grizzled Baghdad bureau chief John Burns and his wife, who conveniently enough manages the Baghdad bureau. In Los Angeles, there's bureau chief Jennifer Steinhauer and her husband, TV and Tour de France reporter Edward Wyatt.

Over the other way, in Africa, there's South Africa bureau chief Michael Wines and his wife, southern Africa reporter Sharon LaFraneiere. Reporter Barry Bearak recently returned to Afghanistan; his wife, Celia Duggar, does a lot of health-related reporting about Africa. Also in Africa is East Africa bureau chief Jeffrey Gettleman (pictured); his byline was on that Styles story recently about wedding planners; could his wedding to Times video producer Courtenay Morris not have gone as smoothly as he would have liked?

Closer to home, there's Times loyalist Jennifer Preston—who manages the Regionals sections—is married to Week In Review-er Chris Conway.

Last on our list is Op-Ed columnist and essay contest-runner Nick Kristof, who's married to former Times business editor Sheryl WuDunn, who left the paper recently to work on a book. (With him.)

Whew! And those are just the ones who are married. We'd also love to hear about anyone who's dating, or you know, just sleeping around. Or, you know, gay-married. Because that's fun!

[Ed. Note: A incorrect characterization of Jennifer Preston's job, not germane to the subject of this item, has been removed from this post—July 20, 2007.]