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When last we encountered Michael Richards, he was preparing for the last leg of his Apology Tour of late 2006, where he would meet with the individuals he famously threatened with a racially motivated, inverted forking in an attempt to finally extinguish the stubborn flames of his career immolation. But where is Richards right now? The LAT has tracked the now-retired stand-up to the very ends of the earth—to a place so remote, in fact, that Angelina Jolie has collected one of its souvenir orphans—to catch up as he tries to enjoy some head-clearing time in Cambodia:

Richards, born in Culver City, spoke candidly about the Nov. 17 racist rant, which ended up on the Internet after an audience member recorded video on a cellphone. He said his Cambodia trip was not any kind of "karmic rehab."

"No, I've been doing other personal work since [the incident]," he said. "I'm trying to learn to enjoy myself."

Richards and Skipp, who appeared in the 2006 L.A. production of "Me, My Guitar &Don Henley," checked into a $380 per-night deluxe spa suite at Siem Reap's Hotel De La Paix on June 29. They joined the Nithyananda tour after several days of sightseeing independently at ancient sites including Preah Vihear, a famously difficult-to-reach mountaintop temple overlooking the Thai border.

"We went way out into the country. Preah Vihear was unbelievable. And the way we got there: We went up this crazy road in a funky pickup and when we got to the top there's this magnificent temple," Richards said. "We did it all old-school."

Richards said the couple planned to proceed to Chaing Mai, Thailand, and eventually the ancient city of Luang Prabang.

"At first, I was a little bit struck by the poverty, but when I leaned in I could see how open-hearted the Cambodian people are, and I was touched by it," Richards said. "I'd always wanted to take a trip to the Far East. It's a place I'd never been. I knew of Angkor Wat and I'd seen pictures, so we decided, 'Let's go for this.' It's amazing: You can walk around and it's all hands-on in the temples, it's not roped off. Seeing spirituality in stone is inspiring."

While it was certainly nice to read about how Richards is spending his vacation, we have to admit to being a little disappointed that he's in Cambodia for the amazing sight-seeing instead of checking himself into the world-renowned "karmic rehab" program at Promises Angkor Wat, where the actor could work through his rage issues in a structured fashion against the backdrop of one of the most peaceful, breathtaking settings on the planet.