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Actress/children's book author/celebrity blogger Jamie Lee Curtis, who last week so memorably shared her feelings about how reality TV cooking competitions are surely a precursor to unscripted shows ending in televised executions, today returns to HuffPo to explain the psychological defense mechanism that allowed her to temporarily overcome a crippling fear of terrorism on a recent trip to England:

Terrorism has succeeded because I now think like a terrorist. I have just returned from London. Yes, despite pleas from hysterics: "Don't you know what's going on???" I ventured forth to be a very old groupie for my sweet husband and his mates playing Wembley on behalf of the planet at Live Earth with Metallica and Madonna.

Not that I wasn't more than a tad anxious. I was. I am. My terrorist mind worked overtime. Where would I hit me? I even wondered if it would be the soft target in Beverly Hills, of a pre-trip mani/pedi (Vietnamese, Jews and Bottle Blondes) — Los Angeles as well as Chicago and Atlanta supposedly being American possibilities.

While we're sure that Curtis's motives were pure in outlining a coping strategy that might help other Beverly Hills residents deal with the forehead-creasing anxieties of a post-9/11 world, her listing of potential L.A.-area targets was unacceptably reckless. The local salon economy is sure to suffer a profound blow as women who never considered the possibility that renegade fundamentalists might lash out against our city's pampered celebrity and trophy-wife populations in mid foot-soak cower in fear at home, demanding that their domestics learn how to properly push back a rapidly advancing cuticle. Indeed, if a bored housewife can't get a decent Vietnamese mani/pedi without suffering a seizure of panic, the terrorists have already won.