You know who suddenly has the longest Wikipedia biography in history? Not just Times tech columnist David Pogue, but also former New York Times reporter and current (alleged) Portfolio scribe Kurt Eichenwald! An unknown Wikipedia user called Milo73 has added huge amounts of autobiographical data recently. Maybe this person even knows Kurt, because Milo73's IP address tracks to Dallas, Texas, which is where Kurt lives! (Also, that IP address worked on the Wiki page of Eichenwald story subject Justin Berry too—but on no other entries.) The Wiki writer knows all kinds of obscure stuff about Kurt, about his epilepsy, for instance. You know what else is interesting? The Wikipedia additions cite court transcripts in State of Michigan versus Kenneth Gourlay, a kiddie porn case in which Eichenwald testified. Almost nobody has those transcripts, because they cost nearly $2000—we were trying to get them for a while, but gave up. A few folks, including Kurt and his Dallas lawyer Tim Perkins, have copies though!