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In today's episode: Lindsay Lohan; Brian Grazer; Dave Navarro; David "The Hoff" Hasselhoff; Adrian Grenier; Hayden Panettiere; Masi Oka; Kristen Bell and David May; Tara Reid; Danny Bonaduce; Callum Blue; Kathy and Rick Hilton; Dylan Bruno; Mary from Age of Love.

· Lindsay Lohan was at the Chateau Friday night, sitting at a large table outside (right next to our table) around 10:30; appeared to be celebrating her birthday (it was clearly a party). She looked good, but quite a bit fuller in the figure.

· A Malibu two-fer this past saturday, (June 30th):

First up was Brian Grazer and his super-produced hair at Taverna Tony's, around 7:30. I've seen plenty written about his diminutive stature, but nothing about the guy's super buffness. Seriously. He could totally kick your ass, and he wouldn't need to impale you on his spikey hair to do it.

· Not long after that, loading some equipment into a beamer on the PCH just south of the Malibu Main Drag—the gilded shirtless one himself: Dave Navarro. Even at 30 MPH, that chin beard looks retarded.

· Sunday, July 1: David "The Hoff" Hasselhoff brushed past me at Urth Caffe on Main Street. Strangely, I didn't detect any odor of alcohol...or hamburger.

· Saturday, July 30, spotted Adrian Grenier eating breakfast at EatWell in Sunset Junciton. I always feel guilty reporting celebs eating breakfast; seems they should have some privacy with their morning coffee. Oh well...I can live with this guilt.

· On Saturday, 6/23, I was trying on lingerie at Mission Viejo Mall Victoria's Secret. Hayden Panettiere was standing in front of me, waiting to try on padded bras. She talked non-stop on her cell phone. At one point, I overheard her saying that she had bought a gift for Dustin Hoffman. "Do you know who that is?" she asked her friend. She was casually dressed, but looked beautiful. Louis Vuitton handbag, lots of gold and diamond jewelry, and French manicure/pedicure. This is the same Victoria's Secret where Britney Spears attempted to give a soiled diaper to the lady behind the cash register about a year ago.

· I am delighted to finally be able to contribute something from South Orange County, where celebrity sightings are a bit rare.

· 6/30 - Masi Oka at the Hollywood Bowl for the "Sound of Music" sing-along wearing a baseball hat and trying to keep a low profile. I strongly resisted the urge to go up to him and yell "YATTA." it just goes to show that everyone, even Japanese office workers-turned-superheroes, loves Julie Andrews

· Two sightings of widely varying quality during a Monday evening visit to simulated social environment The Grove to catch Transformers: Veronica Mars star Kristen Bell, and, in my screening, On the Lot contestant David May (remember the cupid movie? That was his!!) checking out what his unlikely new boss Steven Spielberg is up to.

· thursday 6/28 at Bay Cities deli in Santa Monica, i saw Tara Reid ( at 11: 30 in the a.m.) dressed down in grey sweatshirt and red toenail polish buying a bunch of sandwiches. no drama no nipple no nothing. just a polite thank you to the cashier before climbing into her porsche convertible and driving away.

· Friday. Hollywood Blvd. Heading East @ 4:15pm

Danny Bonaduce pulls his hog right up to my car. The man is an absolute powerhouse. A hulking monster. Poised and focused on the road. I roll down my window and make nice. Danny was friendly and conversational right in the middle of traffic. All in all, Danny Bonaduche: King of the Road

· Last night, Thursday 6/28 I saw the British guy from "Dead Like Me" (Callum Blue according to IMDB who is also now on the "Tudors") on the elevator on the way to the roof of the Standard Downtown. He was with a friend (who I will name "Obnoxious friend") that was taking pictures of him in while in the elevator and then making fun of how bad the photos came out. Of one she said in her obnoxious voice "Hello I'm British and my nose is growing." It was pretty odd.

· 6/29 I can't really say that this sighting fits, however, considering the news lately...I was lunching at Chateau Marmont with an East Coast colleague, when a woman walked by who caught our notice, not for her great beauty but for her outfit, an ugly, mini Pucci number, with GACK, matching Pucci patterned pumps. She was 40ish, a bit too spray tanned, and clearly had only the best aesthetician, dermatologist and plastic surgeon. She looked familiar to me, but we were completely convinced that she was a moderate to higher priced call girl, who had aged out of the biz. We then noticed her companian, an age appropriate, well-perserved prepster, and assumed he was the lucky fellow who had perhaps married her for love, after paying for her services ever since he was a student at St. Pauls. We walked out around the same time and it appeared that she led him by the nose, which is appropriate considering how we believed they met. It wasn't until I had walked the four blocks to my car, that the light bulb went off. It was Kathy and Rick Hilton. In that moment, I understood the daughter completely - the turd does not fall far from the behind.

· Saw Num3ers "star" Dylan Bruno at a Ralph's grocery store in west LA the other day. They were getting fruit for a fruit salad - sounds yummy!

· On Saturday (6/30), spotted 'Age of Love' kitten Mary No Last Name Given at the Starbucks in the WeHo Target complex. While I realize that she is not a celebrity by even the loosest definition of the term, I feel that I deserve credit for recognizing her after just two episodes of the show. Also, I am not her publicist, I just have no life and amazing reality TV personality recall. Just thought I should disclaim that. No cougars were spotted in the immediate vicinity.