Viewers of Wednesday night's friendly chat between Paris Hilton and CNN softballer Larry King will recall the interview's one marginally tense moment, when King's spit take of disbelief following his subject's repeated claims that she'd never done drugs showered the heiress in the host's black coffee, ruining her best "prison has made me a better, more compassionate person" outfit.

Last night's installment of Access Hollywood boldly advanced the "Has Paris Hilton ever done drugs?" story abandoned by King, returning over and over again to an image of Paris smoking a hand-rolled cigarette of indeterminate ingredients, and referencing a video in which she recorded "a friend with what he says is cocaine all over his chest." Unfortunately, AH stopped short of showing the damning footage, in which the socialite buries her face in the substance covering her pal's torso, turns her powder-caked face towards the camera to proclaim, "Look, I'm like Frosty the Blowman! I am doing so many drugs right now!," obviously preferring to let their audience make up their own minds about the issue.