Today, Times chronicler of our dumbassest life-minutia Stephanie Rosenbloom tries to figure out what's up with kind of girl who calls her mom four times a day to talk about the weather and what she ate and stuff. So, Stephanie, what gives?

Developmental psychologists and sociologists say this phenomenon of attachment is only now beginning to be studied. They have identified several factors that could be contributing to an intensified mother-daughter symbiosis: technology that makes it easy to stay connected; the smaller number of children in each household; young adults who are prolonging decisions about career, marriage and children; parents who want to have a less-hierarchical relationship with their offspring; and parents who feel the need to keep their grown children close at a time when anxiety and depression levels among young adults are at some of their highest points ever.

Right. Also, some girls and moms are fat losers who need to cut the damn umbilical cord already.

Mommy Is Truly Dearest [NYT]