While the state assembly may be prepared to vote in gay marriage for New York, the measure has no chance of passing—or even reaching—the state Senate. Senate Majority Leader Joe Bruno (R-Shadydealsburg) announced at a news conference today that "We're not doing gay marriage by Thursday; that's for sure, or this year. We're not going to take a vote; we have too many other issues. We're not going to spend hours debating an issue that, you know, is not going to be of consequence." What could possibly account for such antipathy to what, by now, must be seen as a basic human right? The Times' Danny Hakim may have put his finger on it.

Finally, Mr. Bruno promoted the recent announcement by General Electric that the company would build a manufacturing plant in the capital region. Though the plant will have only a modest number of jobs, there is some significance to the announcement, because the former G.E. chief executive, John F. Welch Jr., swore off the state a number of years ago because of the high cost of doing business in New York.

"When I talked to Jack Welch about 12 years ago," Mr. Bruno said, "he told me where I could go... it was an uncomfortable place."

See, Jack Welch permanently put the fear of assfucking in Bruno's heart! (And, presumably, ass.) Guess we'll have to wait until Joe finally gets indicted and someone else steps in before the bill has a shot.

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