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Though they wanted lotsa jewels and stuff, backyards with swimming pools, bar with stools, fancy foods, lobster, sushi, gear, Versace, Gucci, crazy Lucci, the ladies who gathered atop Gramercy Park Hotel's rooftop garden last night to celebrate's list of Hottest 25 Women of Fashion instead had to make do with free cocktails, Parliaments and little caviar blinis. We sent the sweet Nikola Tamindzic.

Many of the 25 women to be honored were there, as well as an abundance of the kind of dorky/cool/queeny gays who dictate what is fashionable. On the list: Annelise Peterson, Bonnie Morrison, Eleanor Ylvisaker, Ali Wise, and a bunch of chicks we haven't heard of but are, you know, pretty.

Fashion legend Robert Burke, a short bald bespectacled gentleman, was there. Barney's Gene Pressman chatted with's EIC Dirk Standen [Ed. Note: So hot. So smoking hot.] and of course Derek Blasberg worked the room like it was a gigantic udder and he the milkmaid. Speaking of gigantic udders, Julia Allison, appropriately pushed up, was also to be seen, on the prowl for the solitary single straight.

Now the whole project of having a bunch of dudes, straight and gay, within the fashion industry voting to include women who are also in the fashion industry and potentially who could dispense favors and kickbacks to the judges is one fraught with potential conflicts of interest. Wait, what? We're surprised by horse-trading and casting couches? So what if a couple of girls get their pretty picture taken and then a couple of extra gays get flown to the shows in Milan?