Getting the wood in this morning's New York Post is this tragic story about the controversy caused by a tourism campaign for the state of Israel launched in conjunction with Maxim's "Women of the Israeli Defense Forces" photoshoot. (You really picked up a class organization, Kent Brownridge!) We're less concerned about whether the whole thing is sexist or not than we are over the choice of headline. The Post fronts with a creditable "Piece in the Mideast" but does less well with the internal "Babes in Oy Land Scuffle." Let's lend a hand, shall we? Our suggestions follow.

  • Jew See The Cans On That Chick?
  • She Can Occupy My Territories Any Time!
  • Hear, O Israel, This Chick Has a Bod
  • Di-Ass-Pora
  • Ariel Sha-BONE

Ooh, that last one was awful. Please do better.