At the Kunming train station in China's Yunnan province, 27 people have been killed and 109 are injured after a group of men wielding knives went on a rampage this evening.

The details are still unraveling as to a motive and a capture of the criminals, but local news outlet K6 is reporting that "several of the attackers were shot by police and that victims were being transported to local hospitals."

The scene at Kunming, as it is captured on Twitter, is gruesome.

This type of violence in China is not rare—in late 2012, a 36-year-old man attacked a primary school in Henan province, wounding 22 children in the process. In the middle of last year, a knife gang killed 36 people at a police station in Xinjiang province, with claims that these types of violent acts are often methods of protest.

[Photo via China Xinhua News]