Each week, the New York Times' Weddings and Celebrations section records the funny ways in which rich people with advanced degrees meet and perpetuate their hegemonic control of our society. Intern Alexis is here to help sort the triscuits from the Carr's water crackers.

This week's winning couple, Darien-raised and Princeton/Harvard-educated Susan Amble and her equally Princeton/Harvard educated groom Michael Higgins, just rocked it. And it didn't hurt that Susan attended International Gymnastics Training Camp with Intern Alexis! They even shared a cabin!

Susan Amble and Michael Higgins: 23 points

  • Susan's parents are "of Darien": +1
  • The couple met at Princeton, from which she graduated she summa cum laude: +8
  • She received a law degree from Harvard; he received an MBA from Harvard: +7
  • She is a corporate lawyer: +2
  • He's a trader at Goldman Sachs: +2
  • Michael's mother is on the board of the Connie Dwyer Breast Center at
  • St. Michael's Medical Center: +1
  • Susan is 25, the "ideal" age for a woman to get married: +1
  • Alexis attended gymnastics camp with Susan: +1

  • Julia Green and Andrew Shane: 21 points
  • Couple married by a cantor: +1
  • Julia is keeping her name: -1
  • She is a law clerk for a judge for the federal district of New York: +1
  • Her parents are "of New York": +1
  • Couple met at Harvard, from which they both received law degrees, she magna cum laude and he cum laude: +10
  • They both received BAs from Yale, she magna cum laude and he cum laude: +8
  • Andrew works for Bloomberg LP: +1

    Amanda McCormick and Matthew Bacal: 21 points
  • Matthew's parents are of "New York" and "Fairfield, CT": +1
  • Amanda is a member of the Young Lions Committee at the New York Public Library: +1
  • She graduated from Princeton; he graduated magna cum laude from Princeton: +7
  • She has an M.B.A from Columbia: He has a JD from Columbia: +5
  • Her father is the chairman of the board of directors of the Swedish Covenant Hospital Foundation: +1
  • He is the chief scientific officer of McCormick Scientific, a company which bears his last name: +2
  • Matthew is a corporate lawyer: +2
  • His father was until 2001 a chairman and the creative director of Griffin Bacal, an ad agency bearing his last name: +2
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