In the end, no large-scale acts of violence would mar this year's Daytime Emmys, even after the tense, armrest-clenching moment (video above) when the ladies of The View were passed over for best hosting honors in favor of perennial favorite Ellen DeGeneres.

Watching the telecast live from home, Rosie answered fan questions in real time on her blog, where she confirmed a backstage comment from best game show host winner (suck on that, Trebek) Bob Barker, who said O'Donnell—his first choice!—would be meeting with The Price is Right producers to discuss the possibility of fulfilling her long-held dream of becoming his Plinko-administrating successor. For O'Donnell, the development is a major coup, and proves kiss-assy full page ads in Variety really do work, but that will do little to console Price purists, who are dreading their visions of contestants' row bidders reaching into her pantsuit pocket to pull out Koosh Balls instead of $100 bills, and Showcase Showdown grand prizes consisting of lesbian family cruises to Antigua.