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Last night at the J. Crew store, under glaringly bright lights that seemed to turn the racks of salmon colored slacks lambent and day-glo, WASPs gathered to toast themselves. The occasion was the publication of the new Assouline book "A Privileged Life: Celebrating WASP Style" which does what its subtitle suggests. Assouline owner Prosper Assouline said, "It is sociologique these WASPS. It is so Americaine!" Socialgay Kristian Laliberte and his erstwhile reality TV co-star Paul Johnson-Calderon both wore sunglasses. Upon learning Radar's reporter Sarah Horne went to Exeter, socialite Emma Snowdon-Jones asked whether she swallowed. Horne replied, "Only when I'm forced to." Our Serbian photographer Nikola Tamindzic captured these WASPs in their natural habitat.