Yesterday, our friends at the lovely Huffington Post ran an item about us, sort of! It was about how this silly company we work for is supposedly starting a "sci-fi" blog. It ran on the HuffPo Media page, which, it turns out, is not the same as their Eat The Press page, for no reason known to us. Also it was without byline. So, as a way of saying hi, and maybe digging passive-aggressively for a little dirt, but also just being all Silicon Alley new media friendly, I sent over an email to Elinor Shields, who came to the Huffington Post as their managing editor back in January from

Passive-aggressive-ish, sure! But friendly, right? Possibly helpful! And as you can see, I also tried to send an email to Michelle Kung, who handles the media beat, but totally guessed at her email address wrong. (Huffington Post doesn't have a masthead or anything crazy like that.) Duh me. But at least Elinor wrote back!

Oh, so it's like that, sister? Okay! Uh, see ya.

Also, whoever wrote that item in the first place might not want to describe their new Gawker Media source—whoever she or he is, and by the way, we're going with "she" on a hunch—who gave them this weak lil' item as "leaky" in print. It's like she might not talk to you again!