Every month we get a box of Haute Living magazines, a rich man's Real Estate section. During the winter we use these boxes for kindling and during the summer months we use it to prop open the door. Sometimes, on a slow news day, we open them. The pages are purposefully high gloss as to safeguard the manicured fingerpads of the readers (matte chafes). And the articles are fawning paeans to the city's high-end developers. This month, the "women of substance" column features a particular catch. She looks like Chloe Sevigny, wrote a thesis on Dostoevsky and is developing that crazy doctor's blown up townhouse on Upper East Side. Ladies and gentlemen, meet Janna Bullock.

Janna moved to the States from Moscow in 1989. After working as a babysitter and paralegal, she somehow founded RIGroup (Russian Investment Group). RIG is now, so they say, one of the major players in the UES and Southhampton. Though the article mentions it in passing, you can rest assured that the bulk of Bullock's fortune comes from the massive shopping centers and business centers her company develops in the notoriously freewheeling Moscow real estate market.

Stateside however, she's known, apparently, as an Earth mother and "leader in the green revolution." That crazy doctor's house is going to be "the first new townhouse on the Upper East Side in 80 years," Bullock says. "It will be an environmentally friendly property... I am a mother and want to extend living on earth." Really? Because you look like 12. But no, Janna is the proud mother of budding socialite Zoe Bullock who looks exactly the same as age as her mother.