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If NBC or Warner Bros. recently ponied up for a For Your Consideration ad for Matthew Perry's fine Studio 60 work (if nothing else, he showed consummate professionalism in not walking out when Aaron Sorkin forced that "hallucinating a drug-addled staff writer alter ego" storyline on him), we completely missed it, but we were heartened to see that TNT wasn't too cheap to pimp its drama The Ron Clark Story in today's trades. Unfortunately for Perry, TNT didn't quit while it was ahead on the "captivating performance" pullquote, instead diminishing his chances by including blurbs damning him with faint "solid!" and "likeable, kind of!" praise. And, of course, things always could be worse, had the network dug up a review describing their original movie with the words, "By its third act, no longer a 'made-for-basic-cable drama about Matthew Perry playing a teacher,' this story evolves into one about Matthew Perry playing a person."

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