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A trio of celebrated jackasses—tireless celebrities' rights activist Jimmy Kimmel, noted anaconda ball-pit wrestler Johnny Knoxville, and Adam Carolla—are being sued for $10 million by the starring dupe of the Comedy Central movie Windy City Heat. (For the uninitiated, Heat was an elaborate practical joke, in which the gullible Caravello is made to believe that he won the lead in a movie about "sports private eye Stony Fury," which might have played funnier if he didn't, as one prominent physician observed, appear to be suffering from moderate-to-severe brain damage.) Reports the AP:

Perry Caravello claims Kimmel never paid him for his work in the 2003 TV movie Windy City Heat. According to the suit, Knoxville also promised to pay him to promote the DVD release of the film on Carolla's show last fall if he agreed to place his genitals in a mousetrap.

"Plaintiff agreed to do so, and, much to his emotional tranquility and to his physical harm, was severely injured when the trap literally went on his manhood," the suit contended.

Caravello also was humiliated when clips of the incident, which he says were filmed without his permission, made it to the Internet, his suit claims.

A cursory search for the mousetrap incident on YouTube has turned up fruitless, but in a promotional Kimmel appearance from September, Caravello still appears to not be completely in on the joke. Sadly, Knoxville and the others ultimately took their pranksterism too far, injuring the most precious anatomical region of a man who had sacrificed too much for his art already. It's a mistake for which they should pay dearly—that is, unless the plaintiff quietly agrees to an out-of-court settlement, waving any damages in exchange for agreeing to allow Caravello (who appears to have been bitten as firmly by the acting bug as that rodent trap bit his balls) to reprise the role of Fury in WCH 2.