Sunday Styles has a semi-anti-semitic-seeming profile today of one Sion Misrahi, who parlayed the family bargain men's store into Lower East Side real-estate moguldom, thereby transforming the old neighborhood from ethnic enclave to liminal hipster space to liminal yuppie space to crappy modernist condo wasteland. The Times throws bones to both the Post and Time Out for being earlier to the Lower East Side No Longer Cool party, but conspicuously fails to mention the above post from Riff Market, personal blog of brigand/hero Nick Sylvester, apparently written by fellow music kritik Chris Ott as a parody of some whiny chick named ultragrrl. Whatever! The point is "i fucking hate the lower east side," from a post dated way back to May 9. New Media Revolution! Yes, those are the Sprouse Twins.Lower East Side is Under a Groove [NYT]