A tipster who just tried to email Sheryl WuDunn—better known to you as Mrs. Times columnist Nicholas Kristof, but also a Pulitzer-winning journalist in her own right (okay, she won with her husband! But still)—has left the Times to write a book... with her husband, as per her auto-reply.

Thank you for your email. I actually will not see this. After many wonderful years at The Times, I have left to write a book with my husband on women in the developing world, and then I will take a job at a firm on Wall Street. If you want to reach an editor in the Business News section, please email Dan Niemi at xxxx@nytimes.com.

If you would like to reach me, you may send an email to wudunn2003@xxxxxxxx

Have a great day!
Sheryl WuDunn

No, you have a great day!