"THE HIPSTER MUST DIE!" screams the cover of this week's issue of Time Out New York. Uh oh, does this mean that the backlash has finally begun? Showing that they're not afraid to take on a cultural movement held near and dear by many, Time Out courageously tackled some touchy subjects. They're not afraid to offend fans of the MisShapes or Vincent Gallo or trucker hats! Is there any dated "hipster" reference point that will escape their barbed wit?

You can even vote on which "hipster" touchstones are still "cool." We'd encourage you to go over there and make sure that Gawker continues to fall into the "played out" category. We'd consider it an honor to be lumped in with "Murder Mystery Parties" (wtf?) and "Cocaine (the drug)." Also, have you heard of this new hot neighborhood called Greenpoint?