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"Wedding Web sites — also known as 'Wed sites' — were originally conceived as a convenient way for couples to notify guests of wedding events, provide directions and link to gift registries. Now they are turning into elaborate hubs of matrimonial exhibitionism, with confessional stories, courtship videos, and blow-by-blow accounts of the preparations," the Wall Street Journal reports today. Huh. Who knew? Anyway, apparently some people think this trend is tacky. "It is similar to sending an e-blast on the process of giving birth," etiquette writer Peggy Post says. "Show me the child, not the process." And, to extend her metaphor a little bit further, maybe also don't solicit donations to pay for the child's first trip to Disneyland in lieu of baby shower gifts?

Webbed Bliss: Brides And Grooms Tell All Online [WSJ]