Last night at Daisy May's BBQ (in our humble opinion, some of the best in the city), we spotted a large and gregarious party in the back room. Upon closer inspection it turned out to include none other than Krazy Karine Bakhoum who reps the constantly embattled Jeffrey Chodorow. Bakhoum was there with Pascal Riffaud, her husband and the constantly embattled founder of pay-to-eat service Primetime Tables; Penny Glazier president of the Glazier Group and restaurant critic Gael Greene. There was also some mustachioed dude cheering for the Red Sox. Note to that guy: In your face. Note to Pascal: Happy birthday. Now to unpack what this gathering means.

Could it be just a picayune birthday celebration among friends? Maybe. But what to make of it that Bakhoum is taking out the owner of a number of restaurants like Monkey Bar, Michael Jordan's Steakhouse and the Striphouse that are repped by rival firm Bullfrog and Baum? What does it tell us that she is out with Gael Greene, one of the few critics who had anything nice to say about Kobe Club and/or Wild Salmon, two of Chodorow's most recent openings? Perhaps the most telling take-away is that when Karine is hankering for meat, she would rather shell out the dough for a rack of ribs at a rival restaurant than get a surely comped meal at Chodorow's bedeviled Kobe Club.