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For a young actor making his way in Hollywood, nothing quite says "I've arrived" like plunking down your sitcom earnings for a first home in the Hills—a bachelor crib of one's own that can accomodate both raucous, hot-tub-mixer casting sessions, and quiet, introspective moments in a sauna-equipped oasis from the showbiz rat race. That's what this Beachwood Canyon home has offered former That 70s Show star Danny Masterson, a residence which can now belong to you, as the actor has decided to address his cramped-living-space thetans by putting it on the market. Our square-footage-obsessed pals at Curbed LA have some of the details:

Our tipster reveals:

1. This guy loves his Scientology. Nearly every room had a plaque of affirmations (or whatever they call them), books on the subject, etc.

2. This guy loves himself. A good 25% of the pop art in the house are drawings and photos and sketches of himself. Oh, and all the mail comes to his inside "joke" names of "D. Punch." Clever self-reference.

3. This guy loves his surveillance. Forget exterior cameras (par for the course in celeb-owned Hollywood Hills houses), there are 17 INTERIOR cameras, planted club-style (in those smoked glass orbs) in EVERY room. Danny can watch the comings and goings all over the house from the control grid in his Master closet/safe room.

While the property's OT-friendly, video surveillance, and Mastersoncentric features may not be the highest ranked items on your home buyer's wish-lists, they nevertheless are attractive amenities to help ease the sting of its $1.59 million asking price. If nothing else, they will provide an excellent conversation starter, leading first time guests to inevitably ask who the giant, smiling guy with the afro and mutton chops is on the dining room's sponge-painted fresco.