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Fans hoping to revive a cancelled TV series have been relying on increasingly flashy techniques in the hopes of registering on the radars of busy network heads, whose various galactic overlord duties may have rendered them tragically out of touch with the tastes of the common man. Arrested Development addicts pelted Fox execs with foam banana balls. Invasion lovers (yes, they existed) drowned ABC in bottled water. But devotees of the mushroom-clouds- on-Main-St. drama Jericho have decided to go the bulk snack route, inviting fellow grassroots supporters to send roasted peanuts to CBS's offices:

NUTS! Save Jericho! Jericho fans unite! In addition to sending individual orders to CBS programming executives, as a Jericho fan you can now contribute money to massive shipments of nuts. NutsOnline will do our part by pooling monies and supplying nuts at a steep discount! At the end of each day we will tally dollars collected and ship out huge quantities of roasted peanuts in the shell! [...]

Why nuts? In the final episode Jake Green (Skeet Ulrich) borrowed the historic phrase "NUTS" in response to a final offer of surrender from a hostile neighboring town. CBS decided to cancel the show, and fans are uprising to save Jericho by sending, you got it, NUTS to CBS executives.

For those of you who would like to see the show return to CBS's slate in place of newer, sure-to-tank offerings like Dracula P.I., and yet are having a hard time connecting with a campaign built around Ulrich's quoting of a famous WWII kiss-off phrase, we direct you to a satellite campaign: Deaf blogger Banjo's World has written a heartfelt template letter to CBS, extolling Jericho's virtues—in particular its incorporation of a deaf character. Sure, it may not have the salty pizzazz of a forklift palate of roasted peanuts, but we think they'll get the point just the same.