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We weren't even going to mention Brett Ratner's appearance on Sunday night's episode of Entourage, so disappointed were we that the lovable, attention-craving fauxteur was unable to live up to the standard of hacky-director-cameo excellence set by Crash's Paul Haggis last season. But today's Gatecrasher column notes that Ratner's gently self-satirizing turn accurately mimics his real-life shoot etiquette (we can't recall the exact wording of his most notable line, but we remember it involved the appreciation of a model's ass), forcing us to revisit our letdown:

And an on-set source recounts a similar experience last week when Ratner shot Heidi Klum for a new Jordache campaign.

"He was extremely vocal," says the snitch. "He joked, 'I roll with a-s like this." The 10-hour shoot took place May 15 in a suite at the Chateau Marmont hotel.

Ratner denies any crudeness. He tells us from Cannes he is a good friend with both Klum and her husband of two years, Seal.

We have no reason to doubt Ratner when he denies allegations of vulgarity; we're sure that even if he playfully remarked to anyone within earshot that he wanted to "bury my face in that perfect ass and hum 'My Humps'" as he clicked away with his camera, he intended it in the classiest, most respectful manner possible.