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While stricken with breast cancer in 2005 and 2006, Minogue spent her days shut in with her mom, swathed in Edie-like headscarves, and watched the original 1975 documentary, which she now says she's seen over a hundred times ... "That was a really wild connection!" says [Christine] Ebersole. "She was living with her mother, and I guess she saw Edie as her protector, an indomitable spirit that she could use as her armor and strength when she needed it most."

Wow, we are definitely going to have to reexamine our dismissal of Australian popstar Kylie Minogue. That la la la, lala la lala song may be annoying, but we're pretty sure that Gwen Stefani hasn't memorized all the dialogue from Grey Gardens.

Kylie's Beale Deal [NYM]