Michael's, the less-literary Elaine's and less-cool Waverly Inn, seems to have taken some management cues from its clientele of magazine editors and publishing brass. On a restaurant industry message board, one ex-employee writes:

Trust me, this is an overrated, blatantly abusive and toxic enviornment.... [sic] [P]rior to each shift there is this demeaning and cruel pre shift where the GM who thinks that he's god's gift to restaurants unnecessarily grills you and makes you feel like you are a piece of shit. The ambiance reminded me of an intense, grueling audition. The money is nothing to brag about either. For all the work and abuse, you are better off working at a diner... When I was there, the entire staff seemed overworked, underappreciated and scared like little, beaten children.

Just as we always suspected, working at a media restaurant is exactly like working in publishing, except you get tips and a staff meal.

Michael's [Shameless Restaurants]