"Maybe there wasn't room for both of us in the big city when we were both gossip columnists, but I had moved on... I wanted to say I'm sorry," wrote former gossip columnist turned Hampton Style editor Deb Schoeneman in a soul-searching article in March's Playboy. She was referring to her feud with Page Sixer Paula Froelich (pictured), who she'd just spent the latter half of that same article sorta trashing. But was the apology, weak (and merely indicated) as it was, accepted? Based on an item in today's Page Six, it sure seems like it.

It's hard to impress Jay McInerney with fancy wines, but that didn't stop restaurateur Ed "Jean Luc" Kleefield from trying the other night at his new Prime 103 in East Hampton. McInerney, the wine columnist for House & Garden, was celebrating the publication of the paperback version of his post-9/11 novel, "A Good Life," with his wife Anne Hearst, new Hampton Style magazine editor Deborah Schoeneman, Le Bernardin chef Eric Ripert and his wife Sandra, designer Nicole Miller and her husband Kim Taipale, society columnist Debbie Bancroft and writer/radio host Steven Gaines.

There's not a single nasty thing about this totally gratuitous mention of party-going Deb! Has Paula found love at last?

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