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Once Janice Min gets her manicure into something, she's not going to let it go. Take the cover of the latest issue of Us Weekly, which proclaims: "The Final Insult: Shiloh Was No Accident! Angelina finally admits she planned to get pregnant while Brad was still married." Oh, snap! The story's not actually as scandalous as that: she and Brad had been together for months by the time they planned to get pregnant, although he was technically not divorced from Jennifer Aniston. Now! Was it tacky for Angelina to remind Jennifer Aniston, yet again, that it sucked getting dumped by Brad Pitt? Yes! But it's also pretty tacky of Us to publish the same story, week after week.

"Jolie's admission that Shiloh's May 27, 2006 arrival (and late August or early September 2005 conception) was the result of a planned pregnancy means that she and Pitt were actively trying for a baby before his marriage to Aniston officially ended on October 2, 2005. So much for Jolie's onetime assertion that she would never sleep with a married man: 'I could not, could not look at myself in the morning if I did that.' She could, she did and less than two years later, she and Pitt have a happy home."

Oh, girl, please!

Is it really news that Jolie and Pitt had sex while Pitt was still technically married to Aniston? No! Obviously, if Shiloh was born in late May 2006, then they would have had to conceive her in late August or early September. So why use this as the basis of an Angelina-slamming article? One, newsstand, duh, but maybe also because Janice Min still can't get over the favoritism that Jolie has shown People over the last few months. If that means switching to Team Aniston, well, then, so be it.

Of course, switching to Team Aniston is not so easy when you insisted that Jen was engaged to Vince Vaughn, as Janice Min did in both the pages of Us Weekly and on the Today show! But who's counting?

Well! It's odd that no one is counting, actually, since Min, in the past few weeks, has been gleefully, and kind of awesomely, calculating the other tabs' missteps. This week is no exception, as she has one of her Min-ions ring up "How They Faked the Baby 'News,'" looking at the number of times "these sister mags [In Touch and Life & Style] have given birth to a rash of bogus claims." Why the recent spate of competitiveness? One staffer at a competing magazine claims that Min is "wrapped up in getting back at everyone in the industry" with these sorts of inside-baseball pieces. "Us's tone shifted when her magazine started doing poorly on the newsstand," says this source. "The playing field has leveled considerably in a short amount of time." Oh really? Then we're looking forward to the next set of newsstand numbers. —Doree

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