The New York Post has once again rejected their mandate and chosen a bunch of well-groomed professionals for their weddings section, leaving us speechless and a little nostalgic for humbler days. If these trends keep up, Ad Hoc might be headed for the guillotine. That said, there are a few gems in today's batch of lovers—most notably, a dude named Albino who manages that delicious Peruvian place on 5th Avenue in Park Slope; also a couple who met on

Ann Lee and Fabian Caceres

  • Ann is a private practice attorney; Fabian does equities at the NYSE. -20
  • Their friends call them "walking Zagat guides." Gross! -10
  • They got engaged at the opera. -10
  • The wedding party featured an "Argentine meat-carving station" and "pumpkin risotto with lobster." If we were really committed to the weird semi-sincere populist shtick we've developed here this would probably have to sink Ann and Fabian another 30, but whatever, these sound like good foods. +10
  • The table setting at the wedding reception included "delicate white silk butterflies," as a reference to the lady: apparently Fabes calls her "his butterfly." +10
  • The best part of the night was when the band did "Somebody Told Me." -5
  • The best part of the honeymoon was "swimming with sharks in Australia." +30 for fearlessness, good taste in animals

Total: +5

Veronica Santie and Stephen Gut

  • Stephen is a mechanic; Veronica works at Sears in Bayshore. +15
  • They got married on a bridge—the same bridge where they were engaged and the same bridge they spent time on together during the formative period of their courtship. "We used to hang out on the bridge when we were first
    getting to know each other," Veronica remembers. "It was really sweet." +10

Total: +25

Tricia Doughty and Nicolas Burniat

  • Nicolas is a globetrotting lawyer; Tricia is a public health specialist who spent three years in the Peace Corps stationed in Burkina Faso. -10
  • Met two years ago at the U.N. when Nic was visiting from The Hague with the president of the U.N. World Court. -15
  • After a year and a half of long distance, Tricia flew to Paris to see Nic. Before the two could reunite, though, Nic made her do a "treasure hunt" in the city. +12.5 for having weird thoughts about what it means to be a man
  • Their song is "First Day of My Life" by Bright Eyes. -20

Total: -32.5

Diane Terrusa and Roy Googin

  • Diane is an actress; Roy is a software consultant, and according to his website, a photographer on the side. -5
  • Diane did not want a traditional wedding: for dinner she wanted to go to a Gothic restaurant, and for shoes she wanted to wear green shoes. Unfortunately, the restaurant was shut down after they made the reservation and the shoes she'd bought "weren't dye-able." The only curveball Diane got to throw was the blue nail polish she wore during the ceremony. -10 for adolescent feelings
  • They met: on -10
  • Related: Roy has a website. -15
  • On the website there are some honeymoon pics from when the couple went to Thailand. There are some good ones—one really cute one where Diane is laying across a bed and there are rose petals or some other small red things arranged on the comforter to form two hearts and the phrase "happy honey moon." There's another one where she is playing with an elephant. +20

Total: -20

Sheylla Collantes and Albino Tisoc

  • Sheylla is listed as a homemaker; unclear whether this has to do with the adorable child in the couple's picture. +10
  • Albino partly owns and manages Coco Roco, the Peruvian restaurant in Park Slope. The couple met when Sheylla started working there in 2002. On weekends Coco Roco turns into a terrific brunch place, which goes a long way here at Gawker Weekend. +30
  • The best part: they were engaged for two days before they ran to City Hall. "We went down to City Hall on Tuesday to see what we had to do," Sheylla says, "I bought my dress on Wednesday and we were married on Thursday." Also: "It all felt like one big rush, but at the same time, it feels like we've always been married." +30

Total: +70

Albino wins! Albino wins.