After trying and failing to kill us with shoes, dirty bombs, and in-flight hair gels, it looks like the terrorists have finally decided to target us where it hurts most: that's right, our collective guilt over mid-20th century urban renewal! The Daily News reports that today's yucky non-Beaux-Arts Penn Station's a goner:

WASHINGTON - Experts studying the use of IEDs...warn that the deadly bombs will likely be exploding here sometime in the near future.... To illustrate how catastrophic it would be if the tactic were imported to New York the show - "Mission Ops: Assignment IEDs" - details what the results would be if backpacks filled with nails, plastic explosives and cell phone triggers were scattered around Penn Station and Madison Square Garden....

A top cop familiar with countermeasures at MSG and Penn Station said he enters the site every morning with dread, wondering, "Is this the day?"

Michael Jackson, the deputy Homeland Security secretary, told The News that Al Qaeda associates have already cased every city landmark.

Indeed, is this the day sleeper cells tune in to the Discovery Times channel for job training?! And yes, it's most likely that Michael Jackson.
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